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The windshield on your automobile is much more than a standard piece of auto glass. A windshield is actually a structural component used to protect passengers in the event of an accident, which is why windshield replacement and windshield repair are so important. While your auto glass experts at Hillcrest Auto Glass endorse a windshield repair whenever possible, sometimes the windshield simply must be replaced.

You may first be asking yourself, "What is windshield replacement and how do you replace my windshield?" At Hillcrest Auto Glass we realize that your vehicle is probably one of your most important investments. In doing so, our auto glass experts at Hillcrest Auto Glass want you to be fully knowledgeable of exactly what it means to replace your windshield and how your windshield replacement process is complete. This page has been designed to thoroughly explain our windshield replacement procedure so you and your loved ones have the protection you deserve!

Windshield replacement is the profession of removing the existing broken windshield and replacing the old windshield with a brand new windshield. As a vehicle owner and responsible driver one should know to only trust in an expert auto glass replacement specialist. At Hillcrest Auto Glass we have years of expertise and have earned the trust from many notable high-end dealers throughout the Dallas metroplex. Including Sewell Lexis and many other fine dealers throughout Dallas, we are proud to remain a premier auto glass replacement provider for many dealers and individual car owners.

Replacement of your windshield is done by completing the following steps:

First, the old windshield must be safely removed. In many cases, this involves removing any old clips or mouldings that were attached to the old broken windshield.

Next, the technician will inspect and clean the pinchwell and the opening where the windshield was to ensure the vehicle has no rust, or any other hidden problems that will impact the replacement of the windshield.

Once auto glass technician is satisfied with the inspection of the vehicle, he or she will move on to installing the new windshield.

Installing the new windshield is actually more complex that it sounds. At Hillcrest Auto Glass, windshield safety is our foremost concern. Your technician from Hillcrest Auto Glass will prime the glass, and lay out a bead of urethane on the glass before placing it in its correct place to allow the urethanes to set. A windshield replacement requires a special adhesive called urethane that bonds the windshield and the automobile. This urethane is the specialized glue that is crucial in the bonding of the windshield and the automobile. Your expert auto glass replacement technician is fully knowledgeable of how to properly use the urethane to ensure a perfect installation of your new windshield.

Lastly, your auto glass technician from Hillcrest Auto Glass will reinstall any mouldings or clips that go around the perimeter of your windshield. These items work to contribute to the clean look of your automobile.

At Hillcrest Auto Glass we are fully aware of all the obstacles that we may face as we are performing a windshield replacement. Our experts at Hillcrest Auto Glass take the hassle out of your windshield replacement needs. We are happy to provide a mobile glass repair service where we will happily come to your location so that you can go on with your daily activities. You should also know that in most cases your windshield replacement service is protected by your comprehensive insurance policy so that you receive a great product, professional, prompt service by glass experts who will also provide an affordable price!

If you have any questions or we can assist you in any way please contact Hillcrest Auto Glass at 214-351-3838.


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